Preorder only- 4 week lead time, handpoured indie/niche Read FAQ 💕 next preorders open Aug 1st!


Please be aware I will be closed for most ordering until August 1st. (Exception Delizia will still be processed while I'm home in between trips.) I'm also using this time to supply Luckyscent which is why the other fragrances will remain closed.  (I'll need to do batches and leave again.) My oldest is graduating and we are traveling for the summer.  😊 

I'm again trying something new to have better balance and also keep you all in your favorite fragrances and body care! Perfumes will be available for waitlist/preorder sales the first week of the month, and as always will close down when I have as many as I can handle. Currently preorders will open again August 1st at noon pacific time.

Perfume orders may take 4 weeks to ship and cream/soap orders 5 weeks.  As a single person this is the only way I can continue, as I've been working 10-12 hr days with no days off and it's unsustainable.  I'm thrilled to do what I love and I hope this can create some realistic expectations for us all! 💕 upon request I will add 2 samples to your order (one for sample only orders) if I'm out of a requested sample I may substitute to keep your order on schedule to ship.  

You may be 1st, 50th or 400th on the list, but I do want to give the same attention to detail to every package!  I do not store pre-bottled products.  Luckyscent also stocks the most popular of Kyse scents! (Yes I handpour all of these too!)  I do not combine shipping or do add on's to orders. Please do not ask. 💕 

I close down ordering when I see I'm gettting behind so those with pending orders can get things on time...  again thank you for your understanding. 😁

If you came here because you loved a decant...and I love decanters 💕 ...or you have an older bottle you are replacing, be aware that over time my scents deepen and become more concentrated though evaporation and general aging like fine wine.  Expect that your new scent may feel lighter than your older bottle, I have not changed any formulations.  Hint: If you like the way it smells at year one, buy a backup and store it in a cool dark place and keep yourself happy! 😊

I process credit card payments through Paypal.  No worries if you don't have an account, just hit the PayPal button and it will take to you guest checkout, on some screens it may actually say "try another way" and you can use debit or credit.  Our cart is secure, look for the lock 😊  

 I always, always email a tracking number (its auto generated when I print your label), if it seems you didn't get one, please check spam. I DO care, and I DO want you to get your items as fast as possible. Orders from Canada will go through Global Post and are best tracked at

If you have an order with lots of different perfumes, samples, or with soaps or body care, there will be bit of extra time involved to process your order. Soaps and creams are available the first day of each month, as are older releases of my perfumes. I may have to prepare a base that's run out etc, and the whole order may get set aside until I can fit that in. Those odds increase if you are, for instance, ordering 5 older releases 💕

I make all products in small batches, and make up each order as it is received.  I do LOVE doing these, and I know how fun it is to open big a package of new samples, or your old favorites, so do order, be patient and have fun!

Shipping is a a flat rate of $5 per US order.  

Standard International to Canada is a flat rate of $15

I no longer ship internationally.  At peoples urging I tried again and have so many hung up orders and headaches for both sides I just can't, please don't email to be the exception.  I can't. 💕 

If you need international shipments to other countries please go to Luckyscent or use a shipping service.  

I can't combine orders, or do add ons. 

I check email Monday, Wed, and Friday mornings (unless it's a US holiday.)  I am not open weekends. The contact button on my page goes to my business email.  I generally do not check email on the weekends. I do not go on social media (it's been years lol), so I don't answer messages there. 

I offer samples to get to know my fragrances and products!  Please order these first if you are unsure a fragrance will be your thing.  I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges on perfumes or bath products sold.  I am a small/hand poured niche perfumer.  Order samples first if you don't know if you'll like something.  Ulta and Sephora must destroy all cosmetics they receive as returns, not everyone knows that.  Such a waste.  I'm not Sephora... I can't absorb those costs and by law I can't resell them. I say that in the kindest way possible. :-)  Thank you for understanding.

I'm careful in checking IFRA guidelines for the raw materials I use.  However, perfume in general can cause skin reactions in some.  If you know you have sensitive skin please use caution with any perfume and test in a small area before a full application.