Kyse Perfumes- Our Story


Welcome to Kyse Perfumes!  All of my perfumes are handcrafted using raw materials I adore to actualize scent dreams From my now endless list of inspirations.  Thank you to all my muses!! I'm reveling in every minute of exploration and creation along the way!

I never knew the road would lead me here, and who knows where it's going. I'm doing everything I love all wrapped up into one!  My BS and graduate studies are in Nutritional Sciences, and I used to work in a lab doing research on the chemo preventive properties of soy.  Mixing, measuring, and recording in my lab book are second nature.  Doing it while being able to smell, test and explore perfume is constant enjoyment! 

I've loved perfume ever since I can remember! My first Chanel came in grade school, and I had quite a collection on my mirrored tray before I was 10.  A more than a decade back I discovered niche perfumes.  I never knew there were so many beautiful gems that smelled nothing like the scent I get when I walk in to Macy's...that cacophony of smells that all blend into one.  So much of what was on the market felt the same to me, and then there was a whole world of "different"!

The realization that there were so many smells I'd never experienced led me to start researching notes rather than whole perfumes.  It wasn't long before I found the Perfumer's Apprentice near Santa Cruz and I was ordering oils, accords and extracts just to experience the aromas.  I started blending, but looking back I think my nose hadn't experienced enough to know which direction to go, or what notes might play well with others.  My little note box got pushed to the side in favor of purchasing, selling, and swapping decants and splitting bottles.  I wanted to try everything!  

While I was in my experimental smelling stage, I met a lovely woman, who made organic perfumes and led me to some wonderful resources for raw materials.  I dabbled around again, my nose a bit more educated, but still nothing seemed to click.  Every once in a while I'd get my box of notes out and play, but then I'd get swept up in the next new perfume release, and I'd be off on a million Google searches. 

Then my good friend Kimberly, a wonderful perfumer, led me to some new resources, and lit a fire under me to start creating in earnest.  I thank the heavens for her as I've been happier than ever when I'm in creation mode!  And I'd be nowhere without my bestest friend Diane cheering me on all the way, telling me what's wonderful, terrible, answering me back a million times a day, and working tirelessly on the graphics end of this endeavor.  It's fantastic getting to work with what I love everyday! My great friend Baron keeps me moving as well, always a kind word, a note about his pulse on the fragrance world, his wonderful nose that can pick a single note out of just about anything.  Baron you are a walking chromatograpy machine! I am grateful for you all! 

I worked on a few other formulations before creating Sucre et Fleurs, my first release. Now there are 33 wonderful scents in my line, and the future possibilities are endless! I'm a gourmand nut at heart, though I love florals, leathers, and woods. 

Thank you to my wonderful friends that let me send samples to test.  Honest feedback allows me to cultivate and bring ideas to their full potential, and oftentimes mistakes take me in a lovely direction!  Each experience is a chance to learn what works and what doesn't.  I learn what notes cause my nose to perceive others when combined...creating new accords. Notes I think I don't like, when added in tiny amounts can make something round and salt in cookies makes them sweeter!  

At this point I have a huge lists of materials  in my longer just a "box of notes".  I love to work with naturals, however, I don't like to contain my creativity to only natural or "only" anything.  I use what my nose likes.  Please enjoy my small batch, handmade perfumes.  I love them all, and it fills me with joy to share them with you!

Just a small note: I've noticed on some pages that people are confusing me with someone named Terri Michelle who used to own I think it was Fresh Scents by Terri. She is not me, I am not her. lol  It’s surprising I ran across more than one, as I rarely read much written about me unless I’m looking for reviews/links to add to our pages here. The creative mind is weird and can get disrupted easily, it’s better to just zoom along letting it mind it’s own business. 

Once something is written into an article it becomes a source for another article and on and on.  I've seen people compare "my earlier work" to my current work...they are comparing me to another person. :-)   I'm flattered, and to be clear we did start out our first few months with another name, but these are for sure still in the Kyse Perfumes line with our name. I had just started creating at that time, and was without a direction or goal, just a wonderful hobby.  My first name IS Terri, lol but Kyse is named after my two sons Kyle and Sean. I got a cease and desist letter from Yves saint Laurent after starting out very small using my own name.  I wanted to name my creations Kyse, it just seemed easier not to stop a moving train so to speak... so changing was more than agreeable to me.  I was actually pretty shocked and giddy I had a company that big even notice me!   

I thought I should maybe address it here as I've seen more than a couple articles referencing that they are quoting someone else with knowledge about me, and since I'm quite a conflict avoidant person I would rarely reach out and seem like I was being difficult. lol I hope that clears things up for anyone who has read down this far. :-)