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Delizia di Marshmallow EDP

$7.50 - $75.00
  • Delizia di Marshmallow EDP

Fragrance notes: Marshmallow, vanilla, and sugar. It’s like sitting in a fluffy cloud made of marshmallows!

It's a very light, fluffy scent. Marshmallows cannot be smelled from across the room … 😁 It's more dainty, and timidly sweet. My 10 year old, however, will hug me for a long time sniffing my arm when I'm wearing it! Bonus!! ❤️

* may crystalize in the sprayer, especially in cooler temperatures (including air conditioning). If this happens just unscrew it and run a bit of warm water through and it should be good!

Ing: SD40-b, fragrance