UK and MX orders- New VAT rules 2021

With Brexit came a whole bunch of rules that small businesses in the US are now responsible for.  :-(

For us to be able to ship small value packages to the UK we would have to collect VAT here in the US, file tax papers in the UK, and learn a whole new system of paperwork that's really just not feasible.  Companies like etsy and ebay are taking care of that for sellers but unfortunately as an independent business owner I just don't have the staff or the time to be able to contend with this.

I hate to say I won't sell to the UK but the only way around it for me here is to limit orders to over $200.  If the order is above that limit then VAT is charged in the UK and I don't have to file those taxes here.  I wish there was another way, and I'm hoping maybe the rules will change to make it easier on small businesses in the future.

 In any event EMAIL ME first to talk about your order.  You can use the contact form or my return email from previous tracking number emails.  I don't post it right here because then I get weird phishing spam. 

We are also suspending shipping to Mexico, I'm really sorry. :-(  The last 4 packages I sent I had to resend multiple times and they are still not moving inside Mexico once they get to the border.  But good news!! We are currently working to get our scents into an online store in Mexico! I’ll be posting a link shortly I hope! 😊

The rest of our internationals are going out as usual now, and we are finding there are a few delays but they are finally easing up, Yay!! :-)