Frangipane is out!

Frangipane is out! 

Custom made for one of my best fragrance friends, Baron!  Thank you Baron for always being there for conversation, constructive advice and always being able to pick out a note from anything!  You are the best!!

Next on the list:

I've decided to add in a Neroli/Orange Blossom in spring, I made just for me, but I'm sharing with you all!  I LOVE orange blossom and have been working one out over the years that's finally coming to fruition. :-)

Ive had a request for an incense, foody, vanilla tobacco scent that is probably on track for Fall. 

I had another request for a cotton candy scent, that sounds like a fun summer scent, should be done by then.

And we are doing a creamy lavender with Lavandes Trianon as our muse.  It won't be a dupe but it should be loved by those that love it! Im more focused on the creamy top notes and the lovely light laveneder.  It is slated for summer too.

And the last one I'm working... a Bubble Gum inspired idea.  I'm going to try and get it done for summer, but since theres a lot going on it might be a winter fun release. I have a few more on my list but they will probably have to wait until 2022, too many ideas and not enough time!