Coming soon

Next on the list:


I'm trying to find more (some/any!) creative time for 2023!  Last year I grew a crazy amount and spent all my time packaging and filling orders, and yes even working a lot of weekend days in the studio catching up. 😊 I'm so grateful for this πŸ’•and balancing each day to do as much as I can while still allowing for family time and exercise and rest.  

Next up I am doing a creamy lavender with Lavandes Trianon as my muse.  It won't be a dupe but it should be loved by those that love it! Im more focused on the creamy top notes and the lovely light laveneder. 

I have a few other (9 to be exact) ideas on my list and I'm going to have to see when the creative source guides me to the next endeavor.  I've learned I can personally have different ideas than what the universe brings me, so I try to balance that.  My muse is fickle, but always leads me in the right direction! 😁