Health and Safety COVID

With the virus in the news I thought I would share best practices here at Kyse.  As per ALWAYS packaging is done in a sanitary environment, hands always washed and bottles sanitized with 90% alcohol solution before filling.  No one is ill here and we are kinda staying home anyway with school closures and visits with others on pause.  

We are a home based business, and currently no employees are coming in to work so I am overseeing all production alone for the time being.  My studio is separate from our household so no cross contamination from family is in the work area. We always have your health and safety in mind and nothing has changed for us there.

We have the greatest empathy for all who are being affected by this virus. We send our prayers and positive thoughts out to everyone and hope that we will all soon be through the roughest parts of this.  I have a 91 year old dad in assisted living, and I worry too as I can't visit him per new CDC rules.   I know we all have a lot on our minds at this time, just know we are thinking of you all and know that this too shall pass very soon.