Shipping is a a flat rate of $3 per US order.  

Standard International to Canada is $6 for orders under $43, and $12 over $43.  

Standard International to most other locations is $10 for orders under $43, and $20 for orders over $43.

Paypal will automatically calculate shipping when you head over to the payment portal.  No worries if you don't have an account, you can use a credit card as well.    

Standard International is USPS First Class and will have shipping confirmation and tracking to the last US hub, but won't have tracking outside the US.  First Class International has been very reliable if you can stand not checking your tracking number! :-)  Shipping times are typically 7-21 days and another week possibly for customs delays. 

Unfortunately Russia post has been quite unreliable lately, packages lost and I've lost hundreds of dollars on trying. I can no longer ship unless you sign up with a package forwarding service with a US address. Any orders that accidentally make it through will be refunded.  Click here for a current list of international forwarding services.  I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience. 

Packaging times are averaging 24-48 hrs currently.  I generally don't work on the weekends, so if you order on Friday afternoon you should get tracking by Monday afternoon.   

If you wish to have your order expedited, you can add Priority Upgraded Shipping to your cart for $4 US and $10 International from the product page here.

I try to respond if I can to questions on the weekends, but there are times when I am focusing on my family and I'm unable.  I do check email frequently, and that is the fastest way to contact me.  I don't always check Facebook daily! 

Please email me at with any questions.

I offer single samples in 1ml and 3ml sizes to get to know my fragrances!  Please order these first if you are unsure a fragrance will be your thing.  I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges on perfumes or bath products sold.

I'm careful in checking IFRA guidelines for the raw materials I use.  However, perfume in general can cause skin reactions in some.  If you know you have sensitive skin please use caution with any perfume and test in a small area before a full application. 

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