Shipping is a a flat rate of $3 per US order.  International is $8.

Packing and shipping times are averaging 24-48 hrs currently.  I generally don't work on the weekends, so if you order on Friday afternoon you should get tracking by Monday afternoon.   I try to respond if I can to questions on the weekends, but there are times when I am focusing on my family and I'm unable.  

Paypal (or USPS directly for international) will send a tracking number automatically when I print shipping.  I love to to send a personal confirmation email, but when many orders are in the queue my priority becomes getting your packages shipped! Your tracking number should also always be available by checking the order in your paypal account.

I do offer discovery sets to get to know my fragrances!  Please order these first if you are unsure a fragrance will be your thing.  I am unfortunately unable to offer refunds or exchanges on perfumes sold.

I'm careful in checking IFRA guidelines for the raw materials I use.  However, perfume in general can cause skin reactions in some.  If you know you have sensitive skin please use caution with any perfume and test in a small area before a full application. 

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