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Shipping and Other Important Stuff (New for 2021)

Our processing times are currently 4 business days not counting weekends and holidays. (As of Aug 2020 I’ve got some part time help back, so I hope to have your order out faster than this! But I’m going to leave the 4 days up as everything seems to be in flux right now, and it’s a better surprise to get something earlier than expected rather than later! lol ) We are having the same issues as many other businesses, (including the big ones like amazon) shipments are delayed with USPS being inundated with packages as people stay home. Tracking numbers can take 24-48hrs to go live according to USPS and I have no control over that. 

In addition I'm having supply chain issues sporadically...things I used to be able to order in a few days are taking a week or longer.  I had to place some products as sold out not because I'm out of them but I'm out of bottles. :-( Some things I'm having to shift to other vendors as the ones I've typically used (packaging) are not able to source or they have closed temporarily.  

Tracking is emailed automatically when I process shipping, and it can still take 24 hrs for USPS to update.  If you don’t receive a response to an email within 48hrs please check your spam folder.  I do respond to emails, but I do not for the most part respond to Facebook messages.  I don’t check it often enough. :)

Please be aware that if you have an order with lots of samples or lots of soaps, there may be an extra day involved to process your order.  We make up samples fresh for your order, so they can sometimes miss my postman's 5 o'clock deadline and will go out the next morning. 

Shipping is a a flat rate of $3.80 per US order.  

Standard International to Canada is a flat rate of $8  

We are currently halting international shipping.  In the last month there have been so many changes and I've had an extraordinary number of emails asking where packages are.  There are domestic delays of course also due to covid, but I've been getting multiple internationals returned, and though I ship them back out, they may get returned again.  It's taking up a huge amount of time so I need to get that in check and figure things out before I can start international shipping again.  Email me if you have any questions. :-)

We currently process credit card payments through Paypal. No worries if you don't have an account, you can checkout as a guest! Just tap the pay with paypal and you'll see a button to use debit or credit.  The cart and payment portals are secure (look for the lock, I always do!) and I don't have access to your info only paypal does.    

I check email daily Monday through Friday, and will respond within 24-48hrs.  Or use the contact button on our page. I try to respond if I can to questions on the weekends, but there are times when I am focusing on my family and I'm unable.  Email is the best/only way to contact us.  I check in on Facebook, but as I'm so busy lately I'm not a prolific social media consumer.   I might not see your message right away/meaning months lol. :-) 

I offer samples to get to know my fragrances and products!  Please order these first if you are unsure a fragrance will be your thing.  I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges on perfumes or bath products sold.

I'm careful in checking IFRA guidelines for the raw materials I use.  However, perfume in general can cause skin reactions in some.  If you know you have sensitive skin please use caution with any perfume and test in a small area before a full application. 

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