• Image of 3ml Samples

3ml samples in either lightly scented hair and skin oil (100% argan oil base), or EDP.

Choose from:
Oui Plus!
Elegance Sombre
Mandorlo Cioccolato
Douceur Brulee
Confit de Rose
Frollino Lavanda
Sucre et Fleurs
Vertigo Cuir
Crema di Lime e Cognac
Bois de Santal et Terre
Terreno Dolce
Framboise Nue
Fumée Vanillle
Gardenia Sucré
Âme Sauvage

**the oil versions of Vertigo Cuir, Mandorlo Cioccolato, and Elegance Sombre are slightly cloudy due to the benzoin content in oil and this in no way affects the quality or scent of the products. :-) Oils are not available for Framboise Nue, Terreno Dolce, Fumée Vanille, Gardenia Sucré, and Âme Sauvage.