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Jasmine Macarons is Here!

Our new Jasmine scent is out, finally! I had intended this for early summer, but a few things happened to the world along the way and well, poop happens... :)  I'm so happy to finally have time to finish it with the kids settled into their online learning and things getting slightly more back to normal around here! 

Jasmine Macarons is a soft sweet cookie with a very realistic jasmine mixed in with the sweetness of Macarons (and a slight feel of candyfloss) with a powdery sandalwood base to anchor it down.  (for those of you who know me I hate "powder" scents but that is the only way I can describe the softness of the base.  So this isn't a baby powder type scent for sure!)

Fragrance notes: Jasmine absolute from India, caramelized sugar, buttercream, heliotrope, and copaiba balsam, in a powdered sugar sandalwood base.

I hope you love it, and try it in our soaps and moisturizer...and we do have pocket sized hand sanitizers too to freshen your scent while you sanitize your hands too.  Its not weird at all to go around smelling your hands all day is it? lol

Thank you so much for all your support and love, and stay safe and healthy!